Wichita Thunder Reading...Give it a Shot!!!



In participation with local schools, the Wichita Thunder has initiated their very own reading program titled: Wichita Thunder Reading...Give it a Shot!!!  Students can earn free tickets to Wichita Thunder Hockey games and many other cool prizes thanks to our Reading Program!

Here’s How it Works:

Each teacher at the participating school will receive enough bookmarks to give one to every student in their class.  The student will use the bookmark to keep track of how many books they have read throughout the month.  Once the student has read four books, the teacher is to sign the front of the bookmark which then makes it eligible to be redeemed for one free ticket to the Wichita Thunder Hockey game listed on their bookmark.  If the entire class completes their goals, the teacher can fill out a form to register their class to win a visit from Thunder Players!

We will have three Reading Program nights for the 2013-14 season: 
-  Read four books in November for a free ticket to Saturday, December 7th (Teddy Bear Toss Night)
-  Read four books in January for a free ticket to Saturday, February 22nd  
-  Read four books in February for a free ticket to Friday, March 22nd (Youth Jersey Night)

How Do I Get My School Involved?

In order for your school to participate, we’ll need the number of classrooms and the number of students in each class – we do all of the work for you and have all materials pre-sorted and delivered to you!  Your school will automatically be enrolled for all three rounds of the Reading Program.

If your school is interested in participating or if you have any questions regarding the Wichita Thunder Reading…Give it a Shot! Program, please call Chrissy Benson at 264-4625 or email cbenson@wichitathunder.com.

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