Full Schedule and Results

2019-20 Schedule. All Thunder Home Games Played at      All games are listed in Central time zone
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Date Opponent Time/Score Record
Friday, October 11th Indy 5-4, L (OT) 0-0-1-0 
Saturday, October 12th Rapid City 4-3, W 1-0-1-0 
Wednesday, October 16th at Utah 7-1, L 1-1-1-0 
Friday October 18th at Idaho 2-1, L (OT) 1-1-2-0 
Saturday, October 19th at Idaho 5-2, L 1-2-2-0 
Friday, October 25th Idaho 4-3, W (OT) 2-2-2-0 
Friday, November 1st at Kansas City 7-3, W 3-2-2-0 
Saturday, November 2nd at Kansas City 3-2, L (OT) 3-2-3-0 
Sunday, November 3rd Kansas City 3-2, W 4-2-3-0 
Wednesday, November 6th Norfolk 6-2, W 5-2-3-0 
Friday, November 8th Tulsa 3-1, W 6-2-3-0 
Saturday, November 9th Tulsa 7-2, L 6-3-3-0 
Monday, November 11th at Kansas City 4-2, W 7-3-3-0 
Wednesday, November 13th Rapid City 4-3, W 8-3-3-0 
Friday, November 15th Idaho 4-1, L 8-4-3-0 
Friday, November 22nd at Allen 7-3, L 8-5-3-0 
Saturday, November 23rd at Allen 3-2, W (OT) 9-5-3-0 
Sunday, November 24th Allen 3-2, L (OT) 9-5-4-0 
Wednesday, November 27th Tulsa 7-2, L 9-6-4-0 
Saturday, November 30th Kansas City 4-3, L (OT) 9-6-5-0 
Sunday, December 1st Kansas City 6-2, L 9-7-5-0 
Friday, December 6th at Kansas City  4-1, L  9-8-5-0 
Saturday, December 7th  Tulsa  4-2, W 10-8-5-0 
Sunday, December 8th  Kansas City   4-1, W 11-8-5-0 
Tuesday, December 10th  at Allen  5-1, L 11-9-5-0 
Friday, December 13th  at Tulsa  6-3, L 11-10-5-0 
Saturday, December 14th  at Tulsa  5-2, W 12-10-5-0 
Sunday, December 15th  at Tulsa  5-3, L 12-11-5-0 
Tuesday, December 17th  Utah   8-2, L 12-12-5-0 
Friday, December 20th  Tulsa  4-1, W 13-12-5-0 
Saturday, December 21st  Utah  3-1, L 13-13-5-0 
Sunday, December 22nd  Allen  3-2, W (OT) 14-13-5-0 
Friday, December 27th  at Rapid City  4-3, L  14-14-5-0 
Saturday, December 28th  at Rapid City  2-0, L 14-15-5-0 
Monday, December 30th  Kansas City  5-2, W 15-15-5-0 
Tuesday, December 31st  at Kansas City   2-1, L (OT) 15-15-6-0 
Saturday, January 4th  at Allen  7-2, L 15-16-6-0 
Tuesday, January 7th  Allen  4-3, W (OT) 16-16-6-0 
Friday, January 10th  Utah  3-0, W 17-16-6-0 
Saturday, January 11th  Kansas City  4-0, W 18-16-6-0 
Sunday, January 12th at Tulsa 1-0, L (OT) 18-16-7-0 
Wednesday, January 15th  at Rapid City  8-2, L 18-17-7-0 
Friday, January 17th  at Utah  4-1, L 18-18-7-0 
Saturday, January 18th  at Utah  3-1, L 18-19-7-0 
Friday, January 24th  at Rapid City  8:05 p.m.   
Saturday, January 25th  at Rapid City  8:05 p.m.   
Sunday, January 26th at Rapid City  5:05 p.m.   
Friday, January 31st  Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, February 1st   at Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Wednesday, February 5th  Utah  7:05 p.m.   
Friday, February 7th  at Kansas City  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, February 8th Rapid City  7:05 p.m.   
Sunday, February 9th  Rapid City   4:05 p.m.   
Tuesday, February 11th  at Kansas City   7:05 p.m.   
Friday, February 14th  Tulsa  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, February 15th   at Tulsa  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, February 22nd  at Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Friday, February 28th  Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, February 29th  at Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, March 7th  at Kansas City  7:05 p.m.   
Sunday, March 8th  at Kansas City  4:05 p.m.   
Wednesday, March 11th  at Fort Wayne  6:35 p.m.   
Friday, March 13th  at Indy  6:35 p.m.   
Saturday, March 14th  at Toledo  6:15 p.m.   
Sunday, March 15th  at Fort Wayne  4:00 p.m.   
Wednesday, March 18th  Kansas City  7:05 p.m.   
Friday, March 20th Kansas City  7:05 p.m.   
Saturday, March 21st  Allen  7:05 p.m.   
Friday, March 27th  Kansas City  7:05 p.m.   
Sunday, March 29th  Idaho  4:05 p.m.   
Wednesday, April 1st  Tulsa  7:05 p.m.   
Friday, April 3rd  Tulsa   7:05 p.m.