Name Your Price

Ever wanted those dream seats? Here's your opportunity. Name Your Price through the month of August, allows fans the option to quote what they would be willing to pay for a season ticket or a 32-person luxury suite.

The promotion not only applies to prospective season ticket holders, but current season ticket holders who would like to add additional seats for the upcoming season.

All offers will be reviewed, and if the offer is accepted, a representative from the Thunder front office will contact the customer to process the order. If the offer is rejected, the customer will be contacted for a chance to make ONE counter-offer. If that offer is not accepted, the price on the seats will remain the same as posted.

Seating is limited to section availability, and only offers for additional season tickets will be considered for current 2017-18 season ticket holders. The offer expires at 5pm on the final day of the promotion, August 31st, 2018. For more information or questions, please contact our office. Fill out the form below to begin!


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